Pastor Peter Popoff Ministers the Good News of the Gospel

Pastor Peter Popolff’s ministry goal has always been and will always be to minister the good news of the gospel around the world, to use every means possible to proclaim to the world that Jesus is Savior, Baptizer, healer and soon-coming King, to inspire faith and love into action.


In his early years, his 20s, Peter met his wife Elizabeth after graduating from the University of California, Santa Barbara.  They married and traveled as a team.  They traveled together preaching and teaching in churches and conferences across America.  His sermons were filled with stories of the underground churches and how he was reaching them with huge helium balloons filled with bibles that would land in Communist territory.  The results from these “bible invasions” were phenomenal.  Thousands of underground Christian believers are grateful for Peter Popoff’s commitment.  Their testimony is only possible because of his help.  


In the latter part of the 70s Rev. Peter Popoff received the vision of reaching multitudes via radio.  His broadcasts were heard on 100 stations across America and other parts of the world.


In the 80s he used the most ingenious methods for getting bibles, gospel tracts and other Christian literature into the countries where the Word was forbidden.  In that same decade he started his national TV broadcasts.


The 90s were punctuated by his personal appearances in stadiums in nations throughout the world. Tens and thousands have been saved, healed and delivered from every form of demon oppression as the man of God preached the glories of Christ to them.


From 2002-20012 while America Struggles with what is known in the financial world as the “lost” decade, leaving our nation on the throes of the worst financial recession since the great depression, thousands have experienced miracle financial breakthroughs because Peter Popoff is bold enough to proclaim God’s truth about debt cancellation and true riches.


Although the means are different, today the ministry goal is the same, as stated above: “To Minister the Good News of the Gospel around the world, to use every means possible to proclaim to the world that Jesus is Savior, Baptizer, healer and soon-coming King. To inspire love into action…”

Peter Popoff’s Heart Reaches Out To the Ukraine

The Ministry of Peter Popoff supports several churches, orphanages and ministries across the country to the Ukraine.  Pastor Peter Popoff and his wife Elizabeth recently visited some of these orphanages and churches with one of our missionaries, Bishop Slavic Radchuk and his daughter Amy and her husband Justin.  We met with the leaders and directors of these orphanages and ministries and heard about ways in which we can minister in a greater way.
This particular orphanage in Rivne houses and cares for over 30 children who have been abandoned.  We have been sponsoring them for several years now and they are such a blessing.  Peter Popoff learned that the greatest challenge they have there is heating the building for the children.  If they can’t pay the heating bill. the children are left in freezing conditions. So, Pastor Peter Popoff offered to make sure their heat stays on this cold winter.  They were ecstatic about this and very thankful.  We are also working on bringing in Bibles into the villages along with helping to build more orphanages for the children in need along with spreading the Gospel of Hope to those who have never heard it before.